Who are we?

Oak Lodge is a regional maintained Special Education Needs school in the London Borough of Wandsworth. Oak Lodge School provides education for pupils aged 10 to 19; who are D/deaf and/or who have speech, language and communication needs (SLCN).

The term D/deaf is used throughout education and research to describe students who are Deaf (British Sign Language users) and deaf (who are hard of hearing and tend to communicate more orally).

Many of our pupils have additional needs e.g. ASD, Motor Difficulties, Visual Impairment, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, etc. and require a differentiated curriculum and more intensive support to facilitate their learning.

 The school ensures the development of each student’s full language and communication potential, using a student-centred Total Communication approach to language development which includes BSL, Sign Supported English (SSE), spoken English, written English and the use of visual and kinaesthetic learning strategies.

 All students benefit from being educated in an inclusive Total Communication environment with additional intensive pupil support to facilitate their learning when required.  

 Oak Lodge is centrally located just south of central London near the A205 (South Circular). Rail services are excellent with Balham and Clapham Junction rail station and Clapham South tube stations within walking distance. To date we have pupils from 32 different local authorities and offer weekly residential facilities which have been praised by Ofsted.