When students enrol in Oak Lodge School, we baseline their communication and language needs as well as any therapy or treatment they might require. We tailor our approach to each student, using their preferred language. Therapy may include:
  • SALT, OT and/or PT individual or joint working sessions.
  • Work within the classroom in collaboration with teaching staff.
  • Supporting teaching staff to develop functional language and functional communication strategies.
  • Working closely with families, other professionals (including Deaf CAMHS), and health care providers to support continued development of critical skills.
Speech Therapy
The team of specialist Speech and Language Therapists and assistants offers expert support to students to develop and extend their language and functional communication skills, as well as higher level reasoning and literacy skills.

The team provides intervention based on each child’s EHCP and individual assessment. Their expertise helps students develop their language, communication and social skills, as well as emotional literacy to their full potential.  The SALT team also works with students’ local dysphagia teams where necessary and can support alternative or additional means for communication like voice output communication aids (VOCA).


Occupational Therapy

At Oak Lodge, the Occupational Therapist (OT) is an integral part of a team that works to implement therapeutic programmes throughout the entire school. The OT’s primary role is to help students develop the skills they need to become more independent. OT support aims to build skills for life in preparation for adulthood. Support includes overcoming sensory processing challenges and issues with organisation and self-regulation as well as physical challenges.


Oak Lodge School’s physiotherapist works with other members of the school’s therapy team and teaching staff to help students achieve their physical development goals. Physiotherapy is delivered through comprehensive assessment, advice and an individualised program of exercises coordinated with the Occupational Therapist and PE teachers.

The PT will assess and advise on the provision of any equipment or orthotics, as well as their maintenance. They also liaise with external professionals—such as local Physiotherapists and tertiary NHS services—and contribute to EHCPs (education, health care plans) and annual reviews.



At Oak Lodge School students with hearing aids, cochlear implants and other audiological equipment are supported by an audiologist, who ensures that their devices are being used effectively so they can develop functional communication skills. The school buildings have been designed around the needs of D/deaf children, so classrooms are designed with optimum acoustic conditions for listening.  The Audiologist provides regular testing and support as well as routine maintenance. The school audiology department works closely with each child’s hospital-based audiology team, manages day to day issues and ear moulds can be made at school to reduce the number of times a child needs to leave lessons for audiological support.

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