6th Form Pathways


Students who are working at Pre-entry to E2.

Designed for students who are not ready to access mainstream vocational courses.

Prepare students for their transition to adulthood.

Develop their life skills, independent living skills and employability skills.
Skills for Life pathway

EQUALS Curriculum
  • Experiential Learning in real life situations
  • Embedded functional English, Maths, ICT skills
  • Life Skills
  • Independence Skills
  • Learning in small accessible chunks
Work Related Learning

  • Work placements, 2 hours a week for 4 weeks externally or once a week for an hour in school throughout the year
  • Work as a team to run a café
  • Employability skills embedded in EQUALS Curriculum
  • Independent Careers Advice and Guidance
Link Courses
To prepare 6th Form students for transition students attend courses at local colleges once a week.  These include:
  • Link courses at South Thames College
  • Animal Care at Nightingale Academy 
  • Land based studies at Nightingale Academy
  • Construction at Nightingale Academy
  • Car maintenance at Nightingale Academy