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Further information and guidance about deaf children, parenting and organisations that offer support and advice can be found below.

Useful Websites

This is an excellent website where your child can access different resources- they can watch fun children programmes ranging from signed bedtime stories to cookery shows that are delivered in BSL and subtitles.

National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS)
The NDCS website is full of different information regarding your child; ranging from showing a list of different services you can access to a variety of resources you can use.

See Hear
This is a BBC 2 programme called see hear which shares news within the deaf community delivered by BSL.

Remark! Community
Remark! is a charity where you can enquire about getting your child involved in events such as participating in play scheme activities during the half term holidays, attending youth club and more.

Royal Deaf Association for Deaf people (RAD)
This is a useful website which offers a variety of services, information and support. They also organise some events such as offering opportunities for them to learn how to sail for a few days in the summer.

This website can be useful in educating your child how to stay safe online, how to handle bullying and a range of different topics.

Chicken Shed
This offers your child/yourselves as a family to watch theatres that are fully inclusive.

Deafinitely Theatre 
This is a deaf run theatre company which do a lot of BSL performances as well captions/voice overs so all can be included.

Limping Chicken
This is an independently-run deaf blog and news site focusing on everything related to deafness, publishing articles written by Deaf and Hearing people across the UK and the world.
Is a charity that supports families with disabled children. They bring families together to support each other. And help them to campaign, volunteer and fundraise to improve life for themselves and others. See their newsletter and an application form for funding that they have received from Wandsworth's Grant Fund at the bottom of the page. 
Since the pandemic, Deaf Station were aware that the Deaf Community were struggling to find signed information about COVID-19 as some tend to find it difficult to follow an interpreted news or through subtitles due to English not being their first language. Deafstation have been filming and distributing news items through the Deafstation website.

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