Staying Safe Online

Is your child staying safe online?

Social media websites and apps are becoming increasingly popular with young children. However many of us do not realise that each of these sites and apps have a legal age requirement for their use. If children are allowed to use social networking sites before they meet the minimum age requirements they are breaking the terms and conditions of the site and risking being exposed to mature or explicit content. Computer games also have legal requirements which must be followed so that children are not exposed to inappropriate content. Alongside minimum age ratings (which are similar to those provided for movies) there are codes which specify whether the game involves any violence, bad language, discrimination, drug use, gambling, sexual behaviour or nudity, frightening elements or online gameplay. Please see the following chart for a list of social networking age restrictions.

X-Box Family Settings - for parents

Microsoft have recently released some new management features that parents can use. Available for iOS and Android, it is a free download and it has some great features, e.g.:

  • Create new child accounts.
  • Manage screen time limits (including grant more time).
  • Accept or decline friend requests.
View and manage friends list.