Oak Lodge School - Residential Provision
Following an Ofsted inspection in October 2021, Oak Lodge Residential are proud to announce that the residential provision was graded as 'Outstanding' again. Click here to read the full report
Ofsted Comments
“Children and young people speak highly of their experience as residents. Several described it as ‘like home’ and ‘like a family’. One young person said, ‘It’s better than home because I have lots of people I can communicate with.”

“The school and residential provision have a fully integrated approach to promoting the safety and well-being of children and young people.”

“Staff provide exceptional care and support to children and young people and are excellent role models to them.”
Ofsted Comments
This residential special school is good because:
  • An exceptional management team is leading the school. The team identifies the strengths and weaknesses and has a school improvement plan to address the same.
  • There is excellent oversight and monitoring, especially by a governing board with a wide range of skills and experience. An independent visitor has good rapport with young people and spends a great deal of time with them to gain their views, using British sign language (BSL) or sign supported English (SSE).
  • Safeguarding practice has been strengthened. New systems streamline the process for reporting and monitoring concerns.
  • There is close attention to young people’s emotional and mental well – being with support structures in place for young people who are struggling.