Oak Lodge School - Residential Provision
Following an Ofsted inspection in March 2023, Oak Lodge Residential can announce that the residential provision was graded as 'Good'. Click here to read the full report
Ofsted Comments
''Children’s experiences are extremely positive, and there are several high-quality elements in this residential provision.''
''The school’s well-being team provides high-quality support for children to learn how to look after their own mental health. Staff have created safe spaces for children to confidently explore their emotions, including a school-wide initiative to embed pictorial prompts that aid discussion around exploring emotions.''
''All children benefit from spending time in a supportive, enabling environment that greatly enriches children’s quality of life and future life opportunities. For many children, they experience their communication being opened, and for some children, this is for the first time. Consequently, the children can embrace their identity, explore the wider community inclusively and make lasting friendships with each other.''
Ofsted Comments
This residential special school is good because:
''The relationships between staff and children are strong. Staff are highly skilled in supporting British Sign Language and Sign Supported English. There is a culture of high mutual regard and respect. Several staff are deaf themselves and have a personal insight and empathy for the lived experiences of the children in residence. Staff are excellent role models and provide individualised support for children from a stable space in which children can learn and grow''.

''There are a wide range of enrichment activities that support children’s talents, interests and enjoyment. A good variety of sporting activities and links with youth clubs are available and well attended by children. Interesting recreational opportunities keep children stimulated and occupied. These experiences encourage social growth and help children to adjust to being away from home.''

''Staff provide well-planned support for children to make good progress with their life skills. Children have responsibility for tasks in the residential provision, such as cooking, taking out the recycling and cleaning. Children are supported to undertake work experience opportunities. Individualised support is provided for children when appropriate, to gain skills in managing finances, using public transport and securing interpreters. As a result, children’s self-determination improves, and they are more prepared for adulthood.''