Meet the staff at Phoenix House

Conor Byrne

Hi my name is Conor I am from Dublin, Ireland and I am Head of Care at Phoenix House. I’ve previously worked in a Deaf residential school in Ireland as a social care worker for 4 years. I’m a very active person and I love playing all sports with basketball being my favourite. I really enjoy my time working in Phoenix house as it is a fun and caring environment to work in. It’s a real privilege to be able to empower each student to reach their full potential and to become more independent.

Elizabeth Quinn

Hello my name is Elizabeth, but everyone calls me Liz. I am from Dublin, Ireland and moved to London in August 2022. I studied Deaf studies in University for four years and worked as a social care worker in a Deaf residential school in Ireland from 2019- 2022. I started working in Phoenix House in September 2022 as Practice Lead and have really enjoyed my time here to date. Building a relationship with the students and learning BSL have been my highlights.

Saul Alison

My name is Saul and I have been the Senior Residential worker at Phoenix House since November 2018. I have been working in the Social Care sector for 13 years and I always have had a passion to make a difference in young people's lives and to enable them to be independent and confident in our world. I am Deaf since birth and a BSL user, and I have taken part in various sport competitions and have travelled around the world. If I can do this fun stuff then anyone can!

Kelley Hines

My name is Kelley. I started working at Oak Lodge in March 2014 and I am part of the residential team as ‘waking night staff’. My role is to care for the students during the night.
I started learning BSL in 2012 while working in retail as I was always interested in learning it and once I had my son I thought it was the perfect opportunity for a change and to learn a new skill. I've since finished my NQV level 3 in 2014. I'm really passionate about caring for people and love working at Oak lodge and hope to do so for years to come.

Ben Cheshire

I'm Ben, I am a senior residential worker. I have been involved with deaf children and special needs students through my Theatre Arts and voluntary work. I am active in hiking, climbing and enjoy road trips very much on the motorbike. I strive to be a role model for the students here at Phoenix House and support them to achieve their potential.

Cindy Hyson

Hi my name is Cindy and I’ve been supporting D/deaf students for over 20 years. I returned to Oak Lodge School in June 2021 to work within their Residential setting. I really enjoy working with the Residential Team and being able to help support our students to develop their independent living skills, social skills and watch them grow in confidence.

Rute Cardoso

Hi my name is Rute, I’m 34 and I’m from Portugal. I previously worked with the Royal Mail in London for 4 months. I love playing all sports especially football and I also love to travel. I have worked in Phoenix House for two years and I have really enjoyed my time working here as it is a fun and caring environment.

Philip Fagan

Hello, my name is Philip but everybody calls me Phil. As a residential support worker, I have experience to the role from in my various jobs, roles and experiences. Being profoundly Deaf myself, I am dedicated to providing the best support, inspiration and being a positive role model to the students I work with.’