Curriculum Offer

Curriculum Offer 2022 - 2024

Your Child, Their Future, Our Priority

The Oak Lodge School curriculum is designed to enable all students to flourish academically and acquire the knowledge, skills, employability competencies, cultural capital and character development required for a successful and fulfilled life.

Our school curriculum develops the whole child. We plan for students to experience, explore, create, question, organise and enjoy their learning across a broad range of subjects.

Teachers are highly skilled and have a deep understanding of their curriculum. Each department develops a curriculum plan that combines age related content while addressing previous gaps in knowledge and skills which could impede future progress.

This means that students follow an amended programme of study with clear sequences of learning developed from the national curriculum.

Each programme incorporates appropriate aspects of knowledge and skills from across different curriculum stages. Sequences of work scaffold learning as needed and facilitate highly personalised differentiation to enable all students to reach their potential.

Each subject has clear overarching objectives and a vision of where pupils will be at the end of each Key Stage. This includes the personalised pathway for each pupil. At Oak Lodge we broadly have two pathways for pupils to follow – Vocational Pathway and a Skills for Life Pathway. All of our pupils are working below nationally expected levels.