Chyna at the Vaults

1st March 2020

 We are very proud of Brianna (year 10). For over three months, during Enrichment sessions, she worked with a Deaf dance choreographer and performance director to created a ‘one woman show’. Last week, she performed at ‘The Vaults Festival’ to sell-out audiences and was voted one of the top shows for the festival. Audiences said it was “sensational”, “incredible” and a “joy”. The director and creator of the show, Laurence Dollander has volunteered as a Music instructor during our Perform sessions for over two years. We would like to thank her for creating such a wonderful opportunity for Brianna.

The Review Hub comments :

Chyna is a 14-year-old dancer. She cannot hear the music to which she dances, instead she feels it.

For just under an hour we entered Chyna’s world. We followed her on her journey to school, learnt about her favourite subjects, discovered her love for football, and then of her love for her friends and family.

The show was created in collaboration with Oak Lodge, a specialist school in Balham, and Deaf dance artist Christo Minamimura who choreographed the piece. Their goal is to bridge the gap between the D/deaf and hearing communities, and this piece certainly does that.

The programme notes refer to Deafness not as a disability, but as an opportunity. Chyna grasped the opportunity with both hands and the show was all the better for it.​

Laurence has secured further funding for the show to run at the Wandsworth Theatre festival in May. this will include animations made by students in Enrichment sessions next term.