About Residential

Welcome to Phoenix House Residential Services
We provide residential boarding Monday- Friday for young people who have educational support needs and additional support with social development, from Wandsworth Borough and from all over the UK. You can find out more about residential life at Phoenix House, activities, independence and much more in this area.

Phoenix House offers up to four nights a week, term-time boarding for students aged 11-19 years. Accommodating up to 17 students per night, the unit is staffed by a professional team who specialise in working with young D/deaf people with additional needs.

We provide a caring, happy and stimulating environment in which boarders can enjoy the benefit of a wide variety of educational, social and leisure activities. It has excellent facilities and is homely and comfortable. Young people tell us that they love the warm and family atmosphere at Phoenix House.

The team works closely with parents, carers, teachers and therapists to meet the requirements of all residents. Our boarders flourish in this environment and become responsible, confident and independent young people ready to move on to higher education or employment.

“The residential special school provides highly effective services that consistently exceed the standards of good. The actions of the staff within the school contribute to significantly improved outcomes and positive experiences for children and young people.”
Ofsted - March 2019

Young people lead full and active lives and are engaged in a variety of educational social and recreational activities. We promote independence amongst the students and support them in developing a range of social and life skills.

Underpinning our practise is the Every Child Matters agenda. Staff support and promote the five outcomes in the work they undertake with students.

Phoenix House is attached to Oak Lodge School and is regulated by Ofsted.
Parent Comments
“Great independence skills are learnt at Phoenix House”

“My son has developed over the years he has attended Phoenix House. He is now able to integrate into the community, he has also made lots of life time friends and his social skills continue to improve.”

“My daughter looks forward to staying over at Phoenix House. It’s a wonderful experience for her to socialise with friends.”

“The children are safe and well looked after”
"At home she is much more social and has improved in every area. Her school work has improved a lot and communication has also improved significantly"

“I am in awe of the quality of staff that they manage to recruit.”
Ofsted Comments
“Children and young people speak highly of their experience as residents. Several described it as ‘like home’ and ‘like a family’. One young person said, ‘It’s better than home because I have lots of people I can communicate with.”

“The school and residential provision have a fully integrated approach to promoting the safety and well-being of children and young people.”

“Staff provide exceptional care and support to children and young people and are excellent role models to them.”
Ofsted Comments
This residential special school is good because:
  • An exceptional management team is leading the school. The team identifies the strengths and weaknesses and has a school improvement plan to address the same.
  • There is excellent oversight and monitoring, especially by a governing board with a wide range of skills and experience. An independent visitor has good rapport with young people and spends a great deal of time with them to gain their views, using British sign language (BSL) or sign supported English (SSE).
  • Safeguarding practice has been strengthened. New systems streamline the process for reporting and monitoring concerns.
  • There is close attention to young people’s emotional and mental well – being with support structures in place for young people who are struggling.
Students have their own sitting room, games room, recently refurbished kitchen and dining room.

They have access to full laundry facilities and are encouraged to personalise their bedrooms.

Students are consulted on all aspects of the accommodation encouraging responsibility and allowing them to feel a sense of ownership.
We recognise each student’s uniqueness and respect dependence whilst promoting independence.

We aim to optimise individual personal growth and experiences through a variety of programmes including independent travel, time and money management, cooking and budgeting, personal hygiene, social interaction, communication, using public facilities, health care, deaf support agencies and emergency organisations. Students can develop skills and knowledge in these different areas at varying depths according to age and ability.