Equality Objectives

Objective Which pupils with protected characteristics will this most affect/influence? How will we know if we have met our objective? Actions July 2019 Desired Outcome
Wave 1,2 and 3 provision meets the auditory, language and communication needs of all pupils / students All pupils The Wave 1 auditory, and communication needs of each child are met so that each student can access communication in class. SMT and SLT and the Communication team identify Wave 1 provision changes required to enable communication access for all.
    Assessment of students’ language and communication needs informs Wave 2 and 3 provision at the start of each term The Communication team carries out assessments and receives referrals which enable language and communication provision at Wave 2 and 3 to be determined for specified students.
    The impact of interventions is evaluated each term in line with pupil progress reviews. Staff incorporate strategies from Wave 2 and 3 provision to meet pupils’, language and communicati
      Progress made by students receiving intervention is determined each term by Wave 2 and 3 providers to determine next steps.