Oak Lodge prefects are invaluable members of the school community.
All Year 10 and 11 pupils are encouraged to demonstrate their skills for this role. They are then invited to apply and be interviewed in a similar way to applying for jobs in the world of work. Prefects enjoy taking the lead, being good role models, supporting others and taking on posts of responsibility.

They work closely with staff helping to create a happy and harmonious school environment. Their invaluable contribution makes Oak Lodge a happier place for everyone.

Prefects will have regular meetings with Duncan Rowley and Jess Doyle during Fridays afternoons to ensure that prefects are supported and trained so they can do effective jobs.

Head of Prefect are invited by Duncan Rowley and Jess Doyle if they are doing an exceptional job as a prefect and the elected person will then run the prefect team.

At the end of the school year the Prefects are rewarded with a celebratory meal off site to highlight their successes and commitment throughout the year.