Zoolab Visit

This week is National Science Week and to celebrate Oak Lodge School have invited Zoolab to visit. Lucy brought some lovely animals with her for the children to meet.

Pudding the corn snake was very wriggly and liked wrapping himself around peoples’ hands.  We learnt about what he eats and that this kind of snake lives in the wild in North America. We also met Houdini and Wizard, who are both dumbo rats and have big pink ears.  They like to be stroked and sometimes have a cuddle.  The leopard gecko, called Norbut,  was very popular and most people liked to stroke him, he would originally come from Pakistan and Northern India.

Some people even held a hissing cockroach called Charlie.  Luna is a giant African land snail and she was very confident about sitting on people’s hands. The last animal that we met was Ivy the tarantula from Chile.  We couldn’t hold her not because she is dangerous but because if she fell she would break all her legs even from just a few centimetres.

It was really interesting meeting all the animals and we are all hoping that Zoolab and Lucy and all the animals can come back next year.