Four Pathways


Embedding, improving and achieving Functional/GCSE Maths and English skills to access appropriate vocational courses/apprenticeships

Becoming socially and emotionally ready for next steps into Further Education, training or employment (workshops, taster courses, working with communication support workers, learning in a hearing environment).

Develop employability skills; embedded in all lessons, DOE, Sports Leadership and Work Related Learning

Increasing independence and responsibility (Independent travel, volunteering /managing free time, self-directed learning )

Vocational Qualifications – with external providers

Work Related Learning Programme – WRL activities, 3 work experience placements per academic year, CV.

  • Functional Skills Maths
  • Functional Skills English
  • Functional Skills ICT
  • Arts Award
  • Sports Leadership Level 1 and 2
  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award
  • BSL Level 1, 2 , 3
  • Photography
  • Catering
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Animal Care
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Construction
  • Wood work
  • Enterprise
  • Catering & hospitality

External Providers/Partners

Work Related Learning

Working Experience


Students working confidentially at E3/L1

Socially and emotionally ready to embrace their next steps into Further Education/Training

Students who have an idea of the vocational Path they want to follow

Off-Site: local partners e.g. South-Thames College, Lambeth College (Support supplied by Oak Lodge)

On-Site: English, Maths and Curriculum Support , Pastoral Support

Work Experience co-ordinated by Oak Lodge


  • Childcare
  • Electrical Installation
  • Media
  • Art & Design
  • Health and Social Care
  • Performing Arts
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Plumbing
  • Painting & Decorating
  • Hair & Beauty
  • Construction



  • Bespoke Programmes of Study
  • Students operating between Level 1 and Level 2
  • BTECs
  • GCSEs
  • On-site
  • Off-site – local partners




Students who are working at Pre-entry to E2.

These students find it difficult to access mainstream vocational courses.

Prepare students for their transition to adulthood

Develop their life skills, independent living skills and employability skills

Towards Independence Pathway

ASDAN Programmes: Towards Independence and Personal and Social Development

Experiential Learning in real life applications

Embedded functional English, Maths, ICT skills

Life Skills

Independence Skills




Work Related Learning

2 work placements, 2 hours a week for 4 weeks

Work as a team to run a café

Employability skills embedded in ASDAN Programmes

Independent Careers Advice and Guidance


Work Experience