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Residential OFSTED Inspection

Following the Residential Ofsted inspection on 26th to 28th September 2017, Phoenix House was judged to be Good with Outstanding leadership and management.

To view the full Ofsted Report, please click here.

Key findings from this inspection

This residential special school is good because:

  • An exceptional management team is leading the school. The team identifies the strengths and weaknesses and has a school improvement plan to address the same.
  • There is excellent oversight and monitoring, especially by a governing board with a wide range of skills and experience. An independent visitor has good rapport with young people and spends a great deal of time with them to gain their views, using British sign language (BSL) or sign supported English (SSE).
  • Safeguarding practice has been strengthened. New systems streamline the process for reporting and monitoring concerns.
  • There is close attention to young people’s emotional and mental well – being with support structures in place for young people who are struggling.

Please read some of the amazing quotes from parents and providers below:

One parent says, ‘At home she is much more social and has improved in every area. Her school work has improved a lot and communication has also improved significantly.’

One parent highlighted the difference between this and other settings: ‘When she was in a mainstream school she found friendships hard as she was the odd one out and her attendance was poor. Now she is accepting of who she is and is happy to go to school. It has been really beneficial for her. She has friends and is happy. She has made huge improvements in communication with others.’

One parent says of her daughter’s care, ‘I can come in for meals when I ask. Her keyworker is brilliant and provides me with regular updates. Consistency is really important and it helps we all know what is influencing her at any time. It really feels like an extended family.’

One parent said ‘They can cater for all of her needs and take a whole-person approach. They are nurturing and welcoming to the children. They are definitely outstanding.’

One social worker says, ‘Staff liaised closely with the foster family to prepare him for his independence and help him to get out into the community.’