Cochlear Implants

A clear and unique three part programme.

The purpose of the Cochlear Implant Programme are guided by the needs of the individual pupils. We provide guidance and family support for those pupils that are:

  1. interested in an implant
  2. exploring a consecutive implant
  3. going through an assessment process.

Pupils and Families can discuss their concerns with the dedicated staff member and if they proceed with the Implant they are then monitored and supported as part of the Cochlear Implant Programme.

All existing pupils with an implant are monitored regularly, ensuring that they are using their equipment effectively and have no concerns. If a problem is raised then support is offered as and when needed, this may be to resolve emotional difficulties or practical problems with equipment.

We ensure students and parents are supported at all stages.

  • Pre-op
  • Through op or post op
  • First or consecutive implantation

We have a dedicated, highly trained team of teachers of the deaf on site and we have strong contacts with external Cochlear implant teams. This ensures that we stay up to date with the latest developments and support our students according to their own individual needs.