Collaborate and Explore

Developing young minds for success in the 21st Century

Our curriculum and teaching philosophy facilitates the development of our 5 Minds for the 21st Century success

Success in the 21st Century requires ever greater multi-disciplinary and technological skills combined with adaptability. In a society in which technology will ensure rapid ongoing change, our students will become lifelong learners. Their ability to learn and to enjoy learning will ensure their success professionally and personally.

Our ethos values student integrity, passions, leadership and communication at its heart. These attributes will form their strength of character, open doors into new areas of learning and ensure their employability.

Our young learners must develop confidence and strength of character in addition to mastery of academic and vocational learning.

‘The curriculum is broad and balanced and relevant to the needs of the pupils. Pupils study national curriculum subjects and British Sign Language.’

Ofsted 2016