International Women’s Day

On Friday 8th March, Oak Lodge School visited The Black Prince Trust to celebrate International Women’s Day!

The event was made up of a mixture of activities such as sports, dance, martial arts and performances.

There were also lots of prizes up for grabs such an open mic talent showcase, a free raffle and goodie bags, which all of Oak Lodge girls thoroughly enjoyed.

A few words on how our girls felt about the event and celebrating International Women’s Day.

“I enjoyed International women’s day because the girls were all together and everybody had a chance to show our amazing talents that nobody knew we had. I like that we had a choice of what music we would like to listen to. Lots of pictures were taken also.”

“International Women’s day to me means that nobody can tell me what I can and can’t do in my life or who I want to be or who I want to become and it’s about not giving up and showing your true colours and making your friends and family proud.”

Quote from Maddy Ford – Women and Girls Programmes Manager

“The Oak Lodge girls were amazing and they impressed everyone with how confident and talented they were on the day.”

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