Welcome to the
Media Department

Why should I choose Media as an option?

  • In the modern world, we use Media every day. Think about how much Media affects your life… everything you read like newspapers and magazines, everything you watch like television and movies – they are all part of the media!
  • Now we have Social Media too like Twitter and Facebook. How do all of these things influence us?
  • Media is a great subject to study as it includes parts of lots of other subjects – Art, Business, English and Drama – and there is a great mix of practical and theory work!
  •  It’s an important part of your life and you need to understand how it works and why.

Course content:

In Media classes you will be preparing for a BTEC in Creative Media Production at Level 1.

Some examples of course topics include…

  • Using the Internet
  • Using the Internet
  • Developing Video Products
  • Developing Animation
  • Website Software 

How will I learn?

  • The lessons will be a mixture of practical work and learning the theory behind it.
  • Over two years, we will study different topics and you will create real examples. You will make websites, edit films and design magazines.
  • Sometimes you will work in a group and sometimes individually.

How will I Be Assessed

  • In Creative Media Production, there is no exam so all of the assessment is through coursework.
  • Your planning will be assessed as well as your contributions
    to discussions, practical project work and evaluations.

Post 16 Opportunities, Careers

A lot of our students now go on to study Media at College. There are also links to courses such as Art, Games Design, Animation, Graphic Design and Photography.

Possible careers in Media include:

  • Journalism
  • Film production, directing and editing
  • Animation and games design
  • Graphic design
  • TV researching or becoming a TV runner
  • Web design and using web software

Teaching Staff
Mr D. Bedford