Welcome to Emotions (KS3, 4 & 5)

This curriculum was originally designed specifically for deaf young people. However, it is suitable for any child, adolescent or adult with delays in understanding other peoples’ perspective (Theory of Mind), delays in consequential thinking and limited emotional understanding and regulation e.g. learners with ASD, speech and language disorders, ADHD, learning difficulties, social /emotional and behavioural difficulties, etc.

The curriculum aims to promote emotional and physical well-being enabling young people to live healthy, happy and productive lives.

The Emotions curriculum comprises 9 modules, taught in sequential order, which enable the learners to:

  • recognise, name and express a wide range of emotions,
  • reflect on their own and others’ emotions
  • develop empathy
  • learn how to manage thoughts, feelings and behaviour
  • build self-esteem
  • develop social skills
  • form and maintain relationships
  • problem solve
  • resolve conflict

There is no fixed period of time in which any lesson or module needs to be completed by. Some children need a lot of reinforcement and time in order to understand and achieve the targets set, others need less.  The pupils are taught according to their individual needs.

Head of Emotions
Ms. P. Kiff

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Emotions Curriculum Guide

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