Additional Learning Provision

What are Additional Learning Provisions (ALPS)?

These are provisions/interventions that are outside the standard educational curriculum and are designed to ensure pupils are able to learn effectively and make progress in all aspects of their lives. The range of provisions at Oak Lodge have been specifically tailored to enhance pupils intellectual, physical, social and emotional development.

In this Section each provision is described and includes:

  • Why might a child receive this provision?
  • How long might the provision last?
  • What are the aims of this provision?
  • Where might you see evidence of the positive impact of this provision?
  1. Audiology – Ms Sandra Brown
  2. British Sign Language
  3. Cochlear Implant Support Programme – Ms Izabela Luczak
  4. Emotions
  5. Sensory Start, Enrichment & After School Clubs – Ms Holly Black (Assistant Head)
  6. Literacy – The English Departmental Team
  7. Numeracy – Mr Sai Lee (Senior Teacher and Head of Maths)
  8. Extension and Learning Interventions – Ms Victoria Briden (Learning Mentor)
  9. Sign Health Mental Health Services
  10. Medical Provision – Ms Victoria Ferguson (Head of Residential) & our school nurse.
  11. Specific Learning Needs – Ms Janet Palmer
  12. Speech and Language Therapy – Ms Judy Lamprecht and Ms Alanna Bentley
  13. Occupational Therapy
  14. Physiotherapy
  15. Teaching Assistants – We currently have team of 15 Teaching Assistants who are assigned to specific pupils.
  16. Interveners for Hearing Impaired and Visually Impaired students
  17. Art Therapy

A student may be referred for an additional learning provision in a range of ways. Referrals for provision may be actioned by:

  • Parental request directly to provider, or via Pastoral Teacher or Annual review
  • Pupil self referral
  • Pastoral Teacher & Teaching Assistant
  • Senior Teacher
  • Child Protection and Welfare Lead
  • Child Mental Health Lead
  • In addition on entrance to the school and bi annually pupils intellectual, physical, social and emotional wellbeing are assessed and recorded at which time pupils who may benefit from additional provision are identified by the teaching team.

It is our policy that all parents are informed of the starting and end dates of any additional individual provision made for their child.